It was 2006, when for curiosity more than anything I approach the world of graphic design. I've never done anything like that in my life, so I started looking much information to approach this world... I have been interested in all types of tutorials I found online, to learn new technicals, effects, ideas and I love immediately the scrapbooking digital. What started as "a funny to do" became a passion. Each kit that I do need many hours of work because each elements, papers, characters that compose it are made by me. Sometimes it's difficult to start a new job, but once inspiration strikes... I can not stop until I see the final result! The most beautiful thing that keeps me is receiving beautiful words of those who appreciate what I do and just for this my work continuing!

Teresa Petitta
Owner, Creator, Designer
I was born in Venezuela but now I'm living in Milan, Italy. I am mother of a teenage girl and a kitten ;) and I'm working full time, but I also love to create and design on my computer... when I have some free time... Knowing that someone like my work makes me very happy and draws a smile on my face for days!

I am a little kitty and sometimes, when I'm not sleeping or eating :) I help my mom....... maybe!!!